Teabaggers strike again

tea party.jpg

Would you just look at them. Your typical teabagging mob. Just like Selma. Nothing but angry white faces. The “Seig Heil!” salute is a nice touch as well. Did someone tell them that passing car contains the ashes of George Wallace, Bull Connor, Lester Maddox, and Robert Byrd? Are they so angry that America has a black President they’ll gladly adopt Nazi imagery?

Why can’t these people just accept the historic work being done by our post-partisan, post-racial President?

What, there’s a South Africa now? And they’re hosting the World Cup? Does this mean we’ll be treated to another teachable moment with Professor President Obama? This isn’t going to end up being some kind of spectacle that makes calling Tea Party protesters a racist lynch mob seem silly, is it?

You know, one of those “After beating deaths of elderly Jewish couple at the hands of youths, Muslims fear backlash” things.

The Whiskey Boys