Will our children be prepared to defend American Free Enterprise?

That’s a loaded question.

It’s posed by Dan Dement:

As a father of two young children, the current political, economic and educational environments have me greatly concerned. What say you?

As much as we run a risk of being called paranoid or hatemongers (or worse!) by those who seek to “fundamentally change America,” we simply cannot suppress these concerns any longer: Socialism is as Socialism does.

Today, the responsibility to battle such anti-free enterprise ideologies belongs to dedicated Americans like you and I. But what about tomorrow? Will our children be prepared to defend American Free Enterprise?

Think about it. Do our schools sufficiently teach our kids about the facts that free enterprise has created more jobs, more opportunity and more innovation than any other system known to mankind? Will our daughters and sons grow up with an accurate understanding of what free enterprise means to not only America, but to human existence? Will they be taught how to be courageous and effective leaders in the face of mounting moral and ethical challenges?

Dan’s not just asking questions, he’s doing something about answering them. If you’re a parent with young children (or know someone who is) and you’re someone passionate about the future of this great country, Dan may just be someone you want to know a little more about.

I find his endeavor to be intriguing… and hope-filled.

Here’s looking to his success.

And the country’s.

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