Jeremiah Wright's influence is far reaching (UPDATED)


The Obama administration is barring a significant group of Israel’s nuclear technicians from entering the U.S.:

NRG/Maariv (Hebrew link only, sorry) reported today that the Israeli government was stunned when every nuclear technician at Israel’s Dimona reactor who had submitted visa requests to visit the United States for ongoing university education in Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering had their visa applications summarily rejected, specifically because of their association with the Dimona reactor.

If this is true and I’m having trouble finding anything but the link in Hebrew to corroborate, the ramifications are huge.  And clearly, Obama has turned the concept of friends and enemies on its head.

I think I’ve had my fill of this sort of hope and change.

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UPDATE: From the comments:

English translation of the article from above:

Bottom line on this one is that if they were Iranian nuclear scientists Obama would be tripping over himself and bowing to everyone in sight to get them into the US for a conference on nuclear physics.

But because these scientists are Jews he decides to make an international point of humiliating them.

It’s because he’s a bigot. How else do you explain why he bars scientists from an academic conference?

The money graph:

Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor’s employees have told Israel’s Maariv daily that they have been having problems recently getting visas to the United States where they have for years attended seminars in Chemistry, Physics and Nuclear Engineering. They also complain of being treated in an ‘insulting manner’ by President Obama’s people. Until recently, employees of the Nuclear Research Center routinely traveled to the United States for seminars and courses.

Not good enough just to deny their visas, Obama’s people had to be rude and offensive too. That kind of crap comes from the top down.

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