The President Finds A Safe Place From Which To Flog The Right.

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President Barrack Obama fled to the safe confines of CBS’ Harry Smith to throw some cheap shots at conservatives after several months of having his lunch eaten by them and tomorrow’s lunch money found missing by an incredulous Caucus.

Smith obligingly offers up the Nazi straw man so that his interviewee can knock it down, but not before he calls Limbaugh and Beck Nazi’s. Only on CBS and the other alphabet media can a politician get away with this:

Smith also asked the president if he is aware of the extreme terms some use to describe him, such as “socialist” or “Nazi.”

“Well, I think that when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, it’s pretty apparent, and it’s troublesome, but keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of vitriol comes out,” Mr. Obama said. “It happens often when you’ve got an economy that is making people more anxious, and people are feeling like there is a lot of change that needs to take place. But that’s not the vast majority of Americans. I think the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard, that I want what’s best for the country.”

Somehow I can’t imagine Smith asking George W. Bush in such a patronizing and sympathizing manner about the leftwing nuts that pined for his death. What about the “pitchforks” that Obama used to threaten bankers in 2009 or the simple taunt,”We won” last year? Are these bridge building metaphors that this post partisan, centrist campaigning President still believe in? Of course not, but who expects CBS to call bull shit on this President? Having let this gaffe slide by there was no doubt where the conversation was headed. Once the ever pliant Smith opened the door, the thin skinned and ever more projecting President let lose with what was really bothering him:

“I didn’t buy all the hype, right after inauguration, where everybody was only saying nice things about me,” he added. “And I don’t get too worried when things aren’t going as well because I know that over time these things turn.”

With all due respect President Obama did buy all of the hype, and more. Whence the most liberal agenda in over sixty years? As to how things turn over time, the 2010 midterms will provide a view into the tunnel vision that afflicts this President and his advisors. Of course they know that the light at the end of that tunnel is the train that has worried them since the earliest Tea Parties last year. Voters don’t buy all the hype they were served during the campaign and have revolted. CBS and President Obama know this but it is too late.

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