Michael Barone Gets It

Since “it” is the Tea Party Movement, that makes him an outlier amongst the MSM.

Tea partiers embrace liberty not big government
By Michael Barone
Senior Political Analyst
The Washington Examiner

Over the past 14 months, our political debate has been transformed into an argument between the heirs of two fundamental schools of political thought, the Founders and the Progressives. The Founders stood for the expansion of liberty and the Progressives for the expansion of government.

It’s an argument that has been going on for a century but was largely dormant over the quarter-century of low-inflation economic growth that followed the Reagan tax cuts. It’s been raised again by the expand-government policies of the Obama administration and Democratic congressional leaders.

Those policies, thoroughly in line with the Progressive tradition, have been advanced by liberal elites in government, media, think tanks and academia. The opposition, roughly in line with the Founders tradition, has been led by the non-elites who spontaneously flocked to tea parties and town halls. Republican politicians have been scrambling to lead these protesters.

The left, where all “grass roots movements” are Axelturf, assumed the Tea Party was as well. The reality of a real grass roots populist opposition to their policies has still not fully registered, and their response is still denial.

May their blinders remain firmly in place until the election results are in come November..

"How Can There Still Be A Problem? We Passed A Law!"