Sebelius Fixes Preexisting Condition Fubar: Your Invoice Is In The Mail

Yesterday I wrote about the incompetence of Congress in drafting the ObamaCare legislation, specifically that they had written legislation that contradicted the broad promises of The One himself that preexisting conditions of children would be covered immediately. Many pundits commented that, on the contrary, that is not what the law said and insurance companies were quick to note the letter of the law.

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius fixed that problem stat:

The (health) industry’s response followed a sternly worded letter from Sebelius earlier in the day. In it, the administration’s top health care official tried to put an end to questions about the law’s intent and wording.

“Health insurance reform is designed to prevent any child from being denied coverage because he or she has a pre-existing condition,” Sebelius wrote to Ignagni. “Now is not the time to search for nonexistent loopholes that preserve a broken system.”

A purer form of ObamaSpeak could not be found. The problem yesterday was not “nonexistent loopholes”. Rather, it was the sloppy and poor work by Congress and its staffers in rushing through a complex piece of legislation without careful consideration.

But now that that problem is fixed, what of Sebelius’ cure? Tom Maguire has some thoughts on that:

That was easy! The WSJ reports that all the HHS had to do was ask nicely and the question of whether children with pre-existing conditions got relief under the new health reform bill was solved…

It’s worth remembering that, within reason, the insurance companies can play by any set of rules as long as they all play by the same rules. If some companies continue to deny coverage to families of children with pre-existing conditions, the firms that take them on will need to restructure as philanthropic enterprises.

And do keep in mind – since the insurers will be able to raise rates, they won’t be paying for these kids (lib fantasies notwithstanding); the rest of us who pay insurance premiums will.
In that sense, this preserves the Democratic Party role as the party of random wealth transfers.
Just imagine that somewhere a self-employed software consultant pulling down several hundred thousand a year has been paying for his child’s asthma treatment out of pocket because he can’t get coverage. But now he can, thereby leading to an increase in the insurance premiums for everybody else, including Mailroom Mary, who is trying to get by on $25,000 a year. Such a victory for social justice!

How often will that be happening? No one knows! This new rule is not means tested as to beneficiaries and no one is yet eligible for premium subsidies, but Dems are thrilled anyway.

This may answer the question as to why health insurance premiums have risen during the past year. Those mean insurance companies are certainly good at one thing: anticipating higher costs. And that is what is on the way. Thanks, Mr. President! By means of coercion and not persuasion you have increased my cost of doing business without any commensurate benefit. It’s truly a worker’s paradise, isn’t it?

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