Voyeuristic Govosexual

I heard a very interesting conversation between Mark Steyn and a conservative lesbian while driving. (Her blog is here, I believe: Cynthia Yockey, A Conservative Lesbian.) She described, much to her surprise, how well she was received at CPAC and even taken under the wings of conservative bloggers there, including Robert Stacey McCain, who disagrees with her on gay marriage. A lot of terms came up describing the Leftist labeling of anyone and everyone who opposes Obama’s policies, including Bankrupting Liberty. Racist, sexist, fascist, and homophobe were predictably proffered.

It occurred to me that, in today’s age of political correctness, a term was missing from our collective vocabularies. I offer up the Voyeuristic Govosexual.

Voyeuristic Govosexual (n.) 1. One who takes pleasure in and promotes watching the government screw over targeted classes, groups, individuals and segments of American society.

We’ve identified voyeuristic govosexuals abound in our political discourse, from our president (“Wall Street fat cats”) to our vice president (“We will control the insurance companies”) to other elected officials and citizen activists. While not exclusive to Leftists, voyeuristic govosexualism is quite rare among Conservatives, where opportunity and individual Liberty are the centerpieces of debate and not governmental regulation, “redistribution of (someone else’s) wealth” or segmentation of society into various bitter groups.

There is a wing to be dedicated to treatment of affected voyeuristic govosexuals at a Mississippi rehabilitation clinic. As an added bonus, clients may be able to secure the autograph of Tiger Woods while undergoing treatment.

I’m still wondering how voyeuristic govosexuals are going to make the racist label stick to me, considering my favorite politician is a black man (J. C. Watts) and my favorite athlete a Polynesian (Troy Polamolu).

Kudos to Cynthia Yockey for her courage and conviction.

UPDATE: This was originally intended to be a short Tweet. I can barely spell my name in 140 characters or less, much less define the term Voyeuristic Govosexual. So I shared it via Wizbang while I had the opportunity. (Nice to be back, by the way.)

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