What A Week: ObamaCare, Race Baiting and Parachuting Into Afghanistan

There is an extraordinary amount of political capital that has been invested this week to reinforce the notion that passage of ObamaCare is creating a new wave of popularity for Barack Obama. Via Politico we are told that a triumphant President has transitioned this very week from“a man begging for votes from freshman congressmen to a globe-trotting commander-in-chief parachuting into a war zone.” Sorry, but the Politico has been selling its soul to the Obama machine for months and this peaon to the Cult is beyond the pale. For starters, he didn’t parachute into anywhere. Hell, he didn’t even land on an air craft carrier.

But that’s just the first few paragraphs of what may be the most embarrassing and bootlicking elements of the Politico hagiography.

The fact that today Obama is poised to plow ahead on an ambitious agenda is as much a testament to the pendulum of Washington politics – when you’re hot, you’re hot – as it is to Obama’s sustained quality of always playing the tortoise to everyone else’s hare. A little luck and timing never hurt either, and Obama benefitted from both to pull off several feats in a small window of time.

Pardon the Interruption, but someone needs to tell these guys what a pyrhicc victory looks like
. When you’re “hot” your approval ratings soar; the President’s approval ratings are at an all time low. Not even the President’s useful idiots in the media can spin the rising tide of his opposition. Neither can they count..

There has been a common thread in the political debate this week after the passage of ObamaCare: race baiting and victomology. The racial political offensive launched this week by the White House and its partisans in Congress has failed miserably. This victomology tactic is now a well recognized device that voters are weary of, particularly in an economy that has failed to respond to the trillion dollar political pay off that was sold last year as an economic stimulus package. Let’s just get this fact out there so that it can be dealt with: there are millions of honest, hard working, unprejudiced people that are lopped into the imagined liberal demographic popularly known as “white” who are tired of being labeled racists. These “white” people are persons of character and integrity that resent the race baiting and condescension by the purveyors of guilt that occupy the liberal establishment. That resentment will coalesce into something veteran politcal strategist understand well: turnout.

The 2010 midterms will be a referedum on Obamacare, the economy, Cap and Trade and President Barack Obama. To the extent that the liberal establishment continues to play the race card, it will back fire on them in way they cannot imagine.

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