Projection of the Week…

…if not the projection of the month.

The Blogfather got some e-mail:

EMAIL OF THE DAY: A call for civility:

I cannot emphasize this enough: your brand of public discourse is hurting our country. It us poison. So fuck you, you GOP utensil, and fuck your mother for bringing you forth.

Plus this stirring conclusion: “Replies will not be read, you fuck.” With this degree of eloquence and commitment to reasoned debate, he must be a Glenn Greenwald reader. But I blame the hateful, violent rhetoric from Democratic leaders and media figures. They’re like modern-day Klansmen, inciting a mob of ignorant, violent followers . . . .

The mind boggles!

First of all, Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds is not a movement Conservative, he’s a libertarian.

Second, while sharp tongued, he is by no means hyper partisan nor divisive.

Finally, those who have sown the wind have no right to bewail the whirlwind.

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