At least dozens of examples of media bias

The recent Searchlight Tea Party rally in Nevada hoped to draw a large crowd. How did they do? CNN reported that the crowd had at least dozens of people. Hmmm, dozens. So what are talking about? Thirty or so people? A hundred maybe?

That’s disappointing. I guess this tea party movement is already dying out. We can all be glad CNN is on the scene, giving us the cold hard facts. They weren’t able to give us a picture of the crowd, though, but there’s no need really. I mean how interesting is a “crowd” of a few dozen people anyway?

Looks like pictures were available however from other sources. Here’s one of those few dozen people.


I’m not a crowd estimation expert, but that seems like a little bit more than a few dozen to me. Once the rally started, people were still fighting traffic to join it. Here’s one view:


Amazing that a few dozen people were able to drive hundreds of cars at the same time. For the record, Politico estimated the crowd size at 20,000.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit for the image links. I’d attempt to shame the media for this laughable bias but as they feel no shame I won’t waste my time…

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