Parlimentarian Ruling on Minor Pell Grant Provisions Sends HC Bill Back to the House

Via Senatus:

A spokesman for “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the bill making changes in President Barack Obama’s newly enacted health care overhaul will have to go back to the House for final congressional approval, something top Democrats were trying to avoid,” the AP reports.

I guess this is not a Big F@#$ing Deal. It is over a couple of minor provisions regarding pell grants. But if I were one of those Democrats that reluctantly signed onto the bill, I might be happy for any excuse to get a do-over on my vote after seeing some of the recent polls. Actually I was specifically thinking about the CBS poll showing 62 percent of Americans want Republicans to continue to fight the HC bill.

Update: Michelle Malkin has a great wrap up of the evening proceedings. She concludes with:

Senate resumes at 9:45am. Roll call votes are expected to continue until 2:00pm.

Like I said: It ain’t over ’til it’s over…and it’s only just begun.

Update: Another thought/question after sleeping on it… I wonder how Democrats who spent the evening voting AGAINST the Viagra for sex offenders and other popular amendments feel now that the bill is going to have to go back to the House after all. If the provision that prompted the Parlimentarian ruling had been pointed out before all those votes were taken wouldn’t that have made it possible for Dems to vote differently on some of them since the bill is going back to the House anyway?

Another thought…No one should be surprised about the problems with the pell grant provision or the part of the bill dealing with pre-existing conditions for children. When you rush a 2,000 plus page bill through the Congress those things are to be expected.

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