The Day After

As a business owner with 28 employees, I’ve had much to contemplate after the passage of the “historic” bill. I cannot possibly provide health insurance to my workers as my payroll exceeds 55 percent of total revenue. I consulted with my crew leaders and have given them the choice of a 12 percent pay cut or we must eventually release three men. Our $1.2 million payroll translates to around $100,000 in annual penalties added to our tax burden because we cannot afford to provide health insurance. We have decided to proceed with firing three men and will do so within the next few months. We will take shortcuts on the service for our customers to somehow make up for their loss. Our business will survive this setback. I’m sure the three men who will lose their jobs as a direct result of this bill will be comforted in knowing they now have health insurance.

An Answer Revealed
What it is this is