Sharpton: "the American people overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected Barack Obama"

Hey, President Obama. You can stop saying that your health care plan is based upon free market principles. Al Sharpton let the cat out of the bag when he said you are a socialist who is advancing socialism (via NewsBusters):

Sharpton is dead wrong though when he said that the American people overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected Barack Obama. Candidate Obama presented himself to the American electorate as a moderate who believed in the free market idea of tax cuts. That is not even close to what they got, Reverend Sharpton. Barack Obama, his campaign, and the sycophants in the mainstream media perpetrated a fraud when they knowingly continued with the charade that Barack Obama was a moderate.

When Obama and his ideas were called out for being a socialist, he ridiculed the charges saying that his critics were just desperate. Desperation was not their motivation; rather they were trying to expose Obama for what he was for the benefit of the electorate and the American system of government. The media, however, willfully obfuscated the facts when they refused to report who the real Barack Obama was. Unfortunately, the American people are learning the hard way that elections can have grave consequences.

In the private sector, if you misrepresent your skills, education, or experience to get a job and it becomes clear after you’ve been hired, you will be fired. We Americans need to start demanding that the standards currently applied to the private sector must be applied to the public sector as well.

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