An Answer Revealed

When the Obama administration and the Democrats proposed legislation that reduced the tax deductions for charitable donations down to 28 cents on the dollar earlier this year, I was highly perplexed. I thought this beacon of hope and change would be on the side of those who give money to noble causes. I just could not figure out why on Earth this President would penalize charitable donations.

As we sit here amongst the wreckage of the monstrosity that was passed by Congress last night, I can’t help but think that this country may be on the verge of a serious uprising. While many Americans are far too docile to ever stand up to their out-of-control government, a few Constitutional purists may put up a fight.

It still hasn’t sunk in with many of us, but last night our government passed legislation that will force citizens to pay for the lying-in-wait murder of other people’s not-yet-born children. I know… the so-called pro-life ‘Rats procured a promise. But let’s be honest. All we have is a piece of paper for a non-binding executive order from the most pro-abortion president in the history of our nation. There exists a strong likelihood that Mr. Obama’s promise will be as good as the one about all bills being on C-SPAN.

If this happens… if Americans are forced to pay for the abortions of other citizens… that may push some of us to the brink. Maybe some will simply refuse to pay their taxes. Possibly others will seek other solutions they can live with. I’ve prayed over the matter and have made my own decisions. I would have loved to have the option of donating a large amount of money to charity in an effort to significantly reduce my tax obligation. It will cost my family a lot of money, but maybe we can reconcile this horrific moral dilemma. But Mr. Obama has been thinking this out in advance. Now I fully understand why he wants to slash the tax deductibility of charitable donations.

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