Health Care Vote Schedule

Michelle Malkin has a good rundown of today’s schedule including the estimated timing of the GOP’s Motion to Recommit. Sister Toldjah has more commentary. According to all the reports I am seeing, the Democrats have the votes they need. If they don’t then they are going to look especially foolish since they have led everyone in the press to believe they do. Of course that was the strategy though — create the illusion, then the reality will follow. Of course that reality required more than an illusion. Lots of threats, arm twisting and pay offs were necessary. The Chicago Way.

If the bill does pass expect the media to declare it the fix all for all that has ailed Obama and the Democrats in Congress. Expect their rehabilitation efforts to have some effect, which may or may not be short lived. The media will not remind voters of all that made Obamacare unpopular, and many of the negative ramifications of the policies will not be felt for a while, but candidates will be reminding voters — from now til November.

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