Don't Let Up and Don't Accept the Spin

Dan Riehl has two must read posts today. The first is a list of those who are still on the fence on health care and the other is about the strategy Democrats are using to create an aura of inevitability leading up to this weekend’s vote.

Keep in mind that from the time the Democrats started the 72 hour clock, they have been working hard at creating an aura of momentum and inevitability around the passage of Obama Care. What they most want to do right now is undermine the spirit of the opposition to get you to begin backing off.

Don’t buy into it. Those people are always more about spin than substance. Stay engaged and don’t feed into what they want you to by getting this, or that headline linked and talked about in the blogosphere.

Update: Dan reminded us that this is not yet over and that we should keep up the pressure. Keep it up til the last second. If there is anyone reading this who has come to believe this is not such a huge deal and that passage is guaranteed to result in a huge bloodbath for Dems in November, don’t believe that either.

Not only will this bill not be good for the country’s health care system, economic well being or political system. It will also not be good for those wanting to stop other ultra liberal policies Obama and the Democrats have on the agenda. Success on this bill would give them needed momentum and would get some of those on the left who have been disappointed by Obama back on the team. Remember that Obama’s popularity has not only suffered on the right and in the middle, but from those on the left angry that he has not been able to accomplish what he promised. Success even on a bill that does not give them everything they want will be seen as great success and as a first step. The momentum they are trying to project now is largely illusory. Stop it now before it becomes a reality and the Demon Pass express rolls on to cap and trade, immigration, etc.

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