Obama = Hitler

“Oh, now here we go,” you’re thinking, “Baron’s finally crossed the line between your regular wingnut crank and cartoonish super-villainy wingnut.”

Ooh, a Meat Puppets song. From Too High To Die. Sweet.

Okay, focus. Contrary to what you’re thinking, the provocative title of this ditty has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler’s rather well documented authoritarian bent or prejudices. Nay, I refer to the fact that apparently enough people found Hitler to be a brilliant, captivating orator that he ended up in power when he was in actually a rather dim bulb who would lead his country to utter ruin. What’s the word I’m looking for here…hyperbole?

Napoleon would be a more apt metaphor, perhaps. What got me thinking about it is how much Obama and Pelosi’s push to sign any bill with “health” and “reform” in the title remind me of the decision to invade Russia/USSR. I’ve just never seen any footage of tingly-legged French soldiers listening to Napoleon delivering a firebrand oration. What can I say? Hitler’s what I know. The History Channel has taught me nothing of Napoleon – and we don’t teach France in Texas public schools.

Whenever you hear someone say, “The National Socialist Workers Party – i.e. Nazis – could have won WWII if…” know full well the next thing out of their mouth is irrelevant. The only way the Nazis could have possibly won is if Hitler died the day after they took France. Actually, when they invaded France because his nincompoopery allowed 300,000+ soldiers to escape at Dunkirk. As horrible it is that he rose to power we should thank the Lord for Hitler’s tactical and strategic numbskullery. And syphilis.

The ultimate stupidity was failing to subdue Great Britain before opening a second front against the USSR. War with the USSR was inevitable; even though there’s not much functional difference between them, fascists and commies hate each other. Like the People’s Front of Judea and the Judean People’s Front. Russia has always been the impossible dream for Western European. Crushing, painful retreat and defeat; broken, miserable, frostbitten suffering in pursuit of an unachievable victory.

You see where I’m going. Obama is leading the Democrats on a death march towards a victory that will remain just over the horizon. Considering the path he has chosen you’ve got to give him credit for getting this close. If he can get a dozen more Dems out of the trench and into the crossfire plus a little procedural three card monty he might actually end up with something to sign. If not, the Dems will have been led to slaughter for nothing and Obama exposed as the cynical, lying, everything-that’s-wrong-with-Washington left-wing ideologue he’s always been.

As horrified as I am that we’re this close to seeing this monstrosity foisted upon us, I can only marvel at how ineptly Obama has handled the process. Health care reform should have been a slam dunk. It is popular in the abstract. There are Republicans willing to play ball. A semi-competent executive should have had this bill signed and in his pocket by July.

Mistake one was a trillion dollar stimulus spendathon that made a mockery of any notion Obama would usher in a post-partisan era. Having failed to subdue unemployment, Obama opened a second front on health care reform. Promptly sitting on his hands while Reid and Pelosi once again cooked up the most poisonous, partisan bills possible.

Seriously, it’s like they took the Republican Party Platform on health care and deliberately went through line by line to ensure they were doing the exact opposite of every single point.

Not at all what you would expect from a super genius. A little moderation, some outreach, tact, gravitas and Obama would have the health care skin on the wall – free to pursue amnesty for illegal aliens or whatever abomination he has in store for us next.

Anyway, I just keep picturing the Russian winter. Miserably slogging along; so cold you can slice meat off a walking draft horse. It can’t feel the cut and the wound freezes instantly. When you get home you must immediately turn around and try to repel the hoard that just drove you home in defeat.

What would have happened if the Nazis took Stalingrad? Come spring, before they were resupplied or relieved, they would have been set upon and annihilated by the Soviet army. Even in victory, defeat.

So it is with health care. Even if they drag this stinking corpse across the finish line there are states and individuals lining up to counter-attack. It will be with them far past November’s elections and even 2012.

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