Obama Unhinged In Ohio

The President spent the day doing what he does best (or, more accurately, doing the only thing he knows how to do), speechifying in Cleveland to friendly audiences about ObamaCare.

The crowd was as feisty as Obama, shouting things to him, and finishing his sentences for him. [Attn. Politico: Where is the editor to stop this groping between the writer and the object?] At one point, a woman shouted to him as he was talking about how “and now as we get closer to the vote there is a lot of hand wringing going on. …”

“We need courage!” a woman shouted.

And he incorporated it into his remarks, saying repeatedly that Washington needs “courage.”

The president hauled Cleveland uber liberal Dennis Kucinnich (who is on record opposing ObamaCare) with him aboard Air Force One on this trip, and the ultra liberal, who is among the nay votes that must be swayed to a yes vote, was treated to the ire of the Obamite mob.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, the liberal Ohio Democrat who voted against the health care bill the first time, was seated in the senior center and flew with Obama to Cleveland on Air Force One.

When Obama introduced Kucinich, who voted ‘no’ on health care reform the first time, an audience member shouted “Vote yes!”

“Did you hear that Dennis?” Obama said, urging the man to say it again.

“Vote yes!” he shouted.

It was great theatre, but bad politics. The Hill whip count remains relatively unchanged with estimates that Speaker Pelosi lacks between five and fifteen votes to pass the Senate bill. Now that the Stupak core group has been shut off from the vote buying, one can imagine the enormous sums of money being traded for those precious ten or fifteen votes the Chicago Machine so dearly needs. If experience is any factor voters can start adding commas (not zeros) to the bribery as the past benchmarks such as the Louisiana Purchase or the Cornhusker Kickback quickly become small beans in this high stakes game of graft and corruption.

Voters are witnessing again the emptiness of hope and change at the vanguard of this presidency but there will be no limit to the level of voter cynnicism and retribution if this measure passes. As David Axelrod foolishly invites the Republican opposition “to make my day”, real voters are making plans to do just that. He should expect nothing less; if a sitting President will subject a prominent member of his own Party like Kucinich to such ridicule, what must he expect from his real political enemies in the House? They will eviscerate him when he no longer enjoys the protections of a House and Senate majority. It’s as if the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts never happened.

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