Axelrod To Republicans: Make My Day

Presidential advisor David Axelrod laid down this marker on ObamaCare today when he dared Republicans to run on a platform of repealing the Senate bill to be voted on this week.

One of the president’s top advisers confidently predicted Sunday that Congress will pass healthcare reform and dared Republicans to advocate repealing it during the 2010 elections.

“I am absolutely confident we are going to be successful,” he told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

And Axelrod, who was a top strategist on Obama’s 2008 campaign, said he relished the prospect of Republicans campaigning on a repeal of the legislation in 2010.

Let’s have that fight,” he said. “Make my day.”

Senator Lamar Alexander accurately characterized the Democrats efforts as a kamikaze mission, the most arrogant political stunt since Nixon was in the White house:

(CBS) Calling the Democrats “tone-deaf” in hearing what Americans want in health care reform, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee charged that the president and Congressional Democrats were guilty of the most brazen act of political arrogance since Watergate.

“This is the most brazen act of political arrogance that I can remember since the Watergate years, not in terms of breaking the law but in terms of thumbing your nose at the American people and saying, ‘We know you don’t want it, we’re going to give it to you anyway.'”

So this Sunday’s talk circuit was characterized by smack talk from the Left and a call to remember the costs of political hubris from the Right. The Democrats can’t say they were not warned.

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