Radical Islam's New Recruiting Strategy?

Last week we learned of the arrest of Jihad Jane, aka blond haired Colleen LaRose of Pennsburg, Pennsylvania. She has been accused of plotting to kill the artist who drew a picture of Mohammad as a dog and conspiring to support terrorism.

Now we hear of the arrest of another American woman, also blond and a mother of a six year old boy, on charges of conspiring to commit murder.

It’s amazing how much these two women have in common. Both were vulnerable having felt rejected by others. They felt like they didn’t fit in anywhere, had troubled pasts, and were married several times to difficult and abusive men. To find acceptance they turned to the Internet.

Both women were perfect targets for any cult looking for new recruits but the cult that got a hold of them first was radical Islam. Radical Islamic men effectively used their feelings of rejection and loneliness against them. Most likely they blamed these women’s failures on America’s culture and value system and convinced them that their version Islam offered acceptance, stability, and structure.

Unfortunately, we can’t assume they are the only women who radical Islamists have successfully turned against America.

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