Judicial Watch: Obama Administration Spiked ACORN Investigation

BigGovernment has a summary report from Judicial Watch, which filed a FOIA request for documents related to Federal investigations involving voter registration fraud by ACORN. The first investigation involves allegations stemming from the 2008 elections:

Two specific complaints were filed against ACORN for alleged voter fraud in October 2008 by Lucy Corelli and Joseph Borges, Republican Registrars of Voters in Stamford and Bridgeport, Connecticut, respectively. As part of its continuing investigation into alleged criminal activities of ACORN, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for documents concerning this matter with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

According to Corelli, on August 1, 2008, her office received 1,200 ACORN voter registration cards from the Secretary of State’s office. Over 300 of these cards were rejected because of “duplicates, underage, illegible and invalid addresses,” which “put a tremendous strain on our office staff and caused endless work hours at taxpayers’ expense.” Corelli claimed the total cost of the extra work caused by ACORN corruption was $20,000. Likewise, Borges contended that: “The organization ACORN during the summer of 2008 conducted a registration drive which has produced over 100 rejections due to incomplete forms and individuals who are not citizens…” Among the examples cited by Borges was a seven-year old child who was registered to vote by ACORN through the use of a forged signature and a fake birth certificate claiming she was 27-years old. By burdening these election officials with fraudulent registrations, ACORN put those who legally registered at risk of not being put on voting rolls at all.

The FBI and Department of Justice opened an investigation. However, the Obama Justice Department, while noting that ACORN had engaged in “questionable hiring and training practices,” closed down the investigation in March 2009, claiming ACORN broke no laws. (emphasis added)

It’s nice to have friends in high places.

The report also highlights two other investigations conducted in 2006 (St. Louis, MO) and 2007 (Phoenix, AZ) and notes that voter registration fraud is indeed a Federal crime under Title 42, USC 1973 (gg), which provides for criminal penalties for fraudulent voter registrations. The 2007 Phoenix investigation was terminated because the allegations proved to be “unverifiable.” In 2008, eight former employees from the St. Louis ACORN office pled guilty to charges of voter registration fraud.

As Judicial Watch notes, the subjectivity with which the Obama Justice Department seems to be applying the law is disturbing. Voter registration fraud is a serious offense. It loads municipal governments down with a tremendous amount of worthless paperwork, and by wasting so much time it undoubtedly keeps qualified voters off the rolls.

Of course ACORN is deliberately trying to create paperwork backlogs in order to lessen the possibility that ballot box stuffing will be detected. And since the Chicago political machine that now runs our government has never met a technique for voter fraud that it didn’t like, don’t expect Eric Holder to get serious about this issue any time soon.

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