One Down. 40 Million More To Go.

(I’m in a crappy mood today. I wasn’t going to write anything until I saw this little gem of a story. As horrific as it is, at least the poor little guy is safe now.)

I am an ardent animal lover.

I probably have more sympathy for animals than I do people.

I mean, some little kid gets caught in a well, of course you want him/her to get out. “Yea! He made it! ‘Lil Barack is O.K.!”

Then, in the back of your mind, you start thinking: “Stupid kid. Where the hell were your parents?”

But, if the same thing happens to a defenseless little animal, the innocence factor pops up.

That’s when your true humanity kicks in, when there’s nothing human about it at all.

I’ve always thought people who desire to own a pet should be subject to some sort of “pet-ownership” license or legally binding verification. You think you have the temperament to control, teach, and care for another living creature, then you should have no problem being held to a set of humane requirements.

What should those rules be? I don’t claim to have the answers. Compulsory vet check ups? Agreed upon shelter as per size of the animal or climate of the area? Annual check-ups for renewal of license?

Might be a start.

And if you breach those rules, you pay the price. I don’t care if its a fish, snake, bird, dog, whatever. You lose the privilege of pet ownership.

That’s really the point. Pet ownership should not be considered a right. It should be a privilege.

Now, I’m not naive enough to think that something like this is really going to happen. I mean, we can’t even control our own borders, and we’re going to exert some sort of oversight concerning animals and people?

I guess the laws on our books and the vigilance of others will have to do for now

So when I see a story like this, I don’t want to hear about a “plea bargain.” I don’t want to hear about “parole.” I don’t want to hear about “what a good mother she is.”

I’d rather hear about to which part of the Gates of Hell she’ll be chained.

From NYDailyNews:

Queens woman arrested for brutal beating of bulldog with shovel: officials


A heartless Queens woman was arrested for crippling her 11-month-old English bulldog after witnesses caught her on video beating the pooch with a shovel, officials said.

Maria Aguilar, 36, was arrested by the ASPCA and charged with animal cruelty.

The young bulldog, named Spike, had been abused repeatedly over the past few months.

During his short life, Spike has sustained a hip fracture, a broken leg, three broken teeth and injuries to his ears, according to ASPCA Assistant Director Joseph Pentangelo.

The pup, which is being treated at the ASPCA hospital, is also virtually blind in his right eye.

“If this witness had not reported this cruelty to the ASPCA, Spike may well have continued to suffer abuse at the hands of his owner,” said Pentangelo.

ASPCA investigators were called to Aguilar’s house on Feb. 24 after witnesses reported hearing a dog crying.

One of the witnesses used a camera phone to tape the abuse, also capturing Spike’s howls of pain. Aguilar is seen throwing Spike to the ground and then slamming him with a snow shovel.

Aguilar originally denied beating the pup, but she allowed ASPCA officials to take the dog to their hospital.

They discovered her husband had taken the dog to veterinarians 12 times in the past seven months for treatment.

After an investigation, Special Agent Debbie Ryan returned on Friday and arrested Aguilar for aggravated animal cruelty and criminal possession of a weapon.

After being confronted with the video, she admitted to the crime. “Spike will likely suffer pain and lameness the rest of his life,” said Pentangelo. “It is a crime that someone would do this to a defenseless pet.”

This poor puppy “had been abused repeatedly over the past few months.”

He’s only 11 months old.

I will just never understand it.

If you get a pet, and you have no intention of treating it with kindness and getting any self-fulfillment out of it, than, WHY. GET. A. PET?

(In this report, the husband and son actually attempt to defend her actions.)

I have not watched this video. I can’t even watch those “Animal Cops” programs on Animal Planet.

Contains video of the bitch beating this puppy with a shovel.

Blatant hypocrisy
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