Has Obama reneged?

It’s looking like it… how surprising:

High-level negotiations between the White House and the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa were taking place as late as yesterday as officials were trying to sort out who buys the beer, Ambassador David Jacobson says.

The beer in question is the case of 24 Molson Canadian – $45.40 or $43.20 (U.S.) – that U.S. President Barack Obama owes Prime Minister Stephen Harper after he lost his bet over the outcome of the Olympic gold medal men’s hockey game.

In case, you missed it, the Canadians won.

Had the Canadian men’s team lost last Sunday, the Prime Minister would have had to bring over a case of Yuengling. The brewery, which is the oldest in the United States, is based in Pennsylvania.

The issue over not yet having settled the bet – it’s almost been a week – isn’t one of availability. Mr. Jacobson says that you can buy Molson Canadian in Washington. In fact, he says you can get anything in Washington.

Rather, it seems to be one of motivation. “It’s more convenient,” the Ambassador says, for the beer to be purchased in Ottawa and then delivered to the Prime Minister.

However, the bet was with the President so it should really come from Washington. Mr. Jacobson is working on it, he says. “To my knowledge it hasn’t been delivered yet but we’ve had discussions as recently as yesterday.”


Fits the man well.


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