Patient Destroys Doctor's Anti-ObamaCare Posters

President Obama’s health care reforms have already undermined one doctor/patient relationship. Barbara Gabriel who is expecting her first baby was a patient at The Woman’s Group, a Tampa obstetrics and gynecology office where she had been seeing Dr. Madalyn Bulter, one of the office’s founders. Dr. Butler does not like President Obama’s health care reforms, so she displays Florida Medical Association-endorsed posters that urge people to contact their representatives and tell them to not support the current health care bills in Congress.

Ms. Gabriel supports the president’s health care reforms and was offended by Dr. Butler’s posters. Instead of having an adult conversation with Dr. Butler about her views on health care, Ms. Gabriel tore down the posters and threw them away. She followed up her destruction of Dr. Butler’s private property with a nasty letter in which she said this, among other things:

“The bloated salaries that specialists such as the physicians at The Woman’s Group earn are a symptom of the sickness that currently plagues our broken healthcare system… For you to suggest to your patients that healthcare reform is coming in between you and those you serve is, quite frankly, disgusting.”

Dr. Butler responded to Ms. Gabriel with a letter of her own that said she supported her right to express her opinion but that destroying her private property was unacceptable and the hostile tone of her letter undermined the trust that was necessary for a healthy doctor/patient relationship; therefore, she needed to find another doctor.

What was Ms. Gabriel’s response? She was “surprised” that defacing Dr. Butler’s office and calling her and her associates the scourge of the health care industry got her fired as a patient. I guess she thought she could just walk into Dr. Butler’s place of business and tell her what opinions she could and could not express without getting any kind of negative reaction.

Ms. Gabriel can grouse about her obstetrician’s so called “bloated” salary all she wants, but it won’t change the fact that one of the problems that plagues our health care system is that people like her feel entitled to the life saving medical care that doctors like Dr. Butler provide, while begrudging them the income they get in return.

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