In Stunning Reversal GM Asks Closed Auto Dealers To Reopen

A better example of government incompetence, stupidity and overreach could not be found than the just released news today that General Motors is going to reinstate 661 dealers that had their businesses destroyed by President Obama’s Car Czar Steve Rattnar (who bolted for New York midway through his term leaving an incredible path of carnage in his wake). According to Bloomberg GM is now sending letters to the axed dealers asking them to return to the fold:

March 5 (Bloomberg) — General Motors Co. said it plans to reinstate 661 dealers as the automaker attempts to shore up declining market share.
GM offered franchise agreement letters to the dealers, North America President Mark Reuss said today in a statement.

“We are eager to restore relationships with our dealers, and get back to doing what we do best — selling cars and taking care of customers,” Reuss said. “The arbitration process creates uncertainty in the market. We believe issuing these Letters of Intent is good for our customers, our dealers and GM.”

The Detroit-based automaker is trying to increase U.S. sales and market share while trimming four of its eight brands. Chief Executive Officer Ed Whitacre named Reuss, 46, to the post in December in a shuffle of top managers.

One would think the geniuses in the Obama administration would have thought this through more carefully. Having destroyed hundreds of businesses run by these dealers what we hear now is “Oops, we didn’t mean it. Please come back”. This reversal is a tacit admission of a monumental blunder (which is why it was released on a Friday afternoon). And this is the same administration that wants to control healthcare. Imagine yourself in the shoes of those dealers or their employees. After billions in losses, families thrown into turmoil caused by unemployment and lost wages, the government suddenly admits that part of its grand experiment in restructuring the auto industry was flawed.

This story should be filed as Exhibit A in the argument against ObamaCare and the government takeover of the healthcare industry.

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