Once Again, A Cartoon Sparks Anger From the Party Of Perpetual Outrage

Democrats are in a froth over one page of a 72-page RNC power-point presentation conveniently left at a Florida hotel where an RNC fundraiser was being held.


(Boy.. That’s some mean-spirited stuff, huh? Let’s see.. Being compared to Scooby Doo or Hitler.. How to cope?!)

From The Washington Post:

Democrats on Wednesday sharply criticized a Republican National Committee fundraising document that caricatured President Obama as the Joker, while Chairman Michael S. Steele sought to distance himself from it.

Also depicted were House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.), presented as Cruella de Vil and Scooby-Doo, respectively. The three Democratic leaders were gathered under the heading “The Evil Empire.”

The cartoon images were part of a 72-page PowerPoint presentation assembled for potential campaign donors and fundraisers.

Said Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse: “If you had any doubt, any doubt whatsoever, that the Republican Party has been taken over by the fear-mongering lunatic fringe, those doubts were erased today.” He added, “Republicans across the country have cheered on crowds where these very images appeared.”

I take it Mr. Woodhouse believes back in the 2004 Presidential campaign, the use of Nazi imagery, comparisons of Bush to Hitler, scaring seniors that Republicans would take away their Social Security checks, and Republicans wanting to eliminate school lunch programs for kids just doesn’t rise to the level of “fear-mongering” that this fiendish cartoon depicts.

While the DNC may have not had a visibly direct hand in these portrayals, their silence of not denouncing such tactics suggests unspoken complicity.

As much as they’d like to portray themselves as squeaky clean in their campaign methods, they have a track record far worse than drawing a couple of sarcastic doodles. Their tactics crossed the line of civility.

  • From formal Presidential candidate John Kerry to former head of the DNC Howard Dean, they knowingly lied and used the disgusting scare tactic of frightening both young voters and anxious mothers with the following threat: “I think that George Bush is certainly going to have a draft if he goes into a second term, and any young person that doesn’t want to go to Iraq might think twice about voting for him.”
  • Former DNC head Terry McAuliffe, in an effort to pave the way for a Kerry victory, tried to bribe Green party candidate Ralph Nader: McAuliffe “had offered Nader’s campaign an unspecified amount of money, believed to be party funds, to spend in 31 states in exchange for an agreement to withdraw from 19 battleground states where he could potentially hurt Democrat John Kerry.” Prompting Nader to claim “Terry McAuliffe is slipperier than an eel in olive oil.”
  • And such outrage from a group who welcomed renowned liar and race baiting huckster Rev. Al Sharpton as one of the Democratic National Convention speakers during the Kerry/Edwards presidential run, for no other reason but to curry favor with the angry faction of the African-American voting block.

These shysters stood by and tacitly encouraged the degradation of George Bush for the sole purpose of political gain. For EIGHT YEARS we were subjected to name calling of the most perverse level. Nazi references, Hitler comparisons, Bush Chimpy-McHitler. You name it, it was said. It was borderline surreal.

These same people, who feign outrage over a goofy cartoon meant to inject levity into a serious situation, never once denounced their leftist allies for disrespecting the office of the President.

Sounds like another example of ridiculous outrage directed at the drawing of a simple cartoon.

(I suspect this cartoon will become many a desktop background soon.)

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