A Reason To Like Senator Bunning

The Left is just apoplectic about the unapologetic behavior of Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning, who recently voted no on a thirty day extension of unemployment benefits. In between hyperventilating breaths Democrats are coming unhinged at the antics of the retiring senator because he is behaving as if he has nothing to lose (which is true). But before the wailing and gnashing of teeth gets too carried away it’s perhaps wise to remember why Bunning is voting no:

Bunning objected to moving forward with an emergency, 30-day extension of unemployment benefits Thursday night over concerns that the measure hadn’t been paid for. The Kentucky senator, who will retire at the end of his term in Congress next year, wants the extension paid for by unspent stimulus funds.

That’s reasonable. Why not pay for this out of the $800 billion dollar stimulus passed last year instead of borrowing even more money? I’ve yet to see a reasonable argument against that among the finger pointing, elevator hogging, bird flipping accusations being tossed around by the Left.

But there is a more important element at work in this kerfluffle. Mr. Bunning is acting like a term limited legislator. He no longer requires the currency of favor in his own caucus and he certainly doesn’t need the approval of Democrats. This sort of independence is refreshing. If term limits were a reality perhaps there would be less insanity in Washington.

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