Health Care Theater

If you are planning on following the big show today (the so-called “Bipartisan Health Care Summit”), check out the RNC’s live response for live coverage and real-time fact checking. The RNC live feed is already underway and you can even submit your own questions and comments. The RNC research department will also be updating their Twitter feed in response to issues arising during the “summit.”

Update: The live feed is embedded below:

Update II (11:00 a.m.): So far the so-called health care summit has been about as expected — lots of throwing around of bogus “facts” and telling of tear jerker stories, but now getting interesting with President telling “Lamar” his facts are wrong and Lamar actually speaking out in response.

Update III (11:40 a.m.): Melissa Clothier has a hilarious and pretty accurate summary of the summit thusfar.

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