Romney Endorses McCain… Again

Mitt Romney announced this morning his endorsement of John McCain, who is facing a stiff primary challenge from conservative J. D. Hayworth for the Republican nomination for Arizona Senator. In a prepared statement, Romney said it would be “hard to imagine the United States Senate without John McCain, especially in the critical times we find ourselves in.” While not unexpected, this endorsement of McCain provides insight into the path Romney believes may lead him to a successful pursuit of the Republican nomination in 2012.

According to author David S. Bernstein, Romney’s soon-to-be-released book, No Apology, supports the notion that he will move back to the left. In the book, Romney approves of the 2008 TARP bailout, saying it, “did in fact keep our economy from total meltdown.” He also praised the Obama stimulus, claiming it would “…accelerate the timing of the start of the recovery.” Romney also criticizes conservative ideas such as the Fair Tax and privatization of Social Security.

Possibly the most surprising comment in the book is Romney’s contention that “climate change is occurring” and is caused at least in part by human activity. “Global warming is a real and present danger,” says Romney.

Sarah Palin has also supported McCain in this race, but she may have felt a certain obligation to do so. Romney’s endorsement, along with the content of his new book, suggests he is planning on running a far more centrist campaign than he did two years ago, hoping that conservatives split their votes as they did to McCain’s benefit in 2008.

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