I Bet This Guy Can Tell Us What The Queers Are Doing To The Soil

After last weekend’s CPAC, a guy from “Renew America” has decided that since Hot Air has been bought by a conservative Christian conglomerate and isn’t properly outrageously outraged over all things teh ghey, conservatives can write off Hot Air. That, combined with an anti-gay-rights zealot getting booed at CPAC, has this one particular writer convinced that we’re all going the way of Sodom and Gamorrah.

I figured I’d take a look at this guy’s general perspective on life, and man was it educational. Does this guy ever have a hard-on for have a hair across his ass over have some issues with gays. Here are some of his more recent titles:

  • Obama’s new military: Gays showering with straights
  • The bitter fruit of decriminalizing homosexual behavior
  • If homosexuality were against the law
  • Why homosexual behavior should be against the law
  • Are legal sanctions for homosexual behavior biblical?
  • Why CBS should reject pro-gay ads

And that’s just in the last month. Going back farther, we have “Lurching toward Sodom and Gomorrah” and “Gay activist: ENDA may lead to homosexual outing, quotas in the workplace.”

Me, I describe myself as “straight, but not narrow.” I’m a vocal proponent of gay marriage (as long as it’s made legal properly, by some sort of public vote of acceptance, and not judicial fiat) and have applied a certain logic to my attitudes towards others in regards to their sexual orientation: I like heterosexual and bisexual women, because that’s my targeted orientation; I like gay men, because they’re not competing with me for women; and I’m suspicious of my fellow heterosexual men, because they’re the competition. Bisexual men, I’m just vaguely suspicious of.

This Mr. Fischer has issues, it’s clear. He apparently sees himself as some sort of champion of heterosexuality, defending it from assaults from pervs and freaks.

There are a lot of terms for people of the homosexual orientation. I’m sure that Mr. Fischer knows quite a few of them. “Homos.” Queers.” “Fags.” “Sodomites.” “Fruits.”

Here are a few more, Mr. Fischer, ones that have even more weight.” “Citizens.” “Voters.”

And even “Americans.”

They’re here. They’re queer. And we ain’t putting millions of Babys back in the closet.

That’s reality, Mr. Fischer. Accept it. I have. The majority of Americans have, too.

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