Scott Brown to Join Democrats on Jobs Bill

Newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown joined Democrats and four other Republicans in voting for cloture on the latest spending package dubbed the “Jobs Bill” on Monday. “I hope my vote today is a strong step toward restoring bipartisanship in Washington,” Brown said in a statement.

Most Republicans opposed the bill, expressing frustration that a more bi-partisan proposal focusing on tax cuts had been gutted by Harry Reid. “This vote was not about jobs. I wish it were,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R., Utah.) said. “Two weeks ago, the majority leader decided to pull the rug out from under a common-sense bipartisan bill only hours after it was introduced…and then quickly made sure that Republicans had no input into the measure.”

Brown was accompanied by Republican Senators Snowe (ME), Collins (ME), Voinovich (OH) and Bond (MO) in supporting the slimmed-down $15 billion Democrat plan.

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