Racism and Individualism

Racism is essentially judging a person negatively mostly on the basis of Race. A key component of Racism is that the individual is ignored, and his unique identity devalued. The lesson of History is that great deeds are done by individuals, great discoveries are made by individuals, and that even when a nation or team, accomplishes a triumph, there is always a leader or teacher at the forefront. On the other hand, evil often hides behind the mob, as happened with the Ku Klux Klan in its foul legacy, the Nazis (original and neo-), and countless cults, gangs, sects, and hate groups. Racism takes malignant energy and focuses it against targeted individuals with the intent to tear down and destroy, while individualism calls upon a person’s identity and will to grow and achieve on his or her own merit, working alongside others but without detracting from their own identities. An example of such individualism can be found in the Gospel accounts of the disciple Peter, or the Apostle Paul. In each case, the men worked to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ, denying the self while exhibiting their individual identity and growing as individuals at the very same time. The same effect occurs in Science, where individuals build upon the work of predecessors and follow common procedures, yet accomplish unique results and individual discoveries. Einstein built on Newton, and Hawking built on Einstein, yet all three accomplished individual triumphs.

Racism is inherent weakness in a person, while Individualism makes a person stronger. The difference can be shown through the difference of arrogance and self-confidence. The arrogant person asserts superiority by his person alone, that simple existence qualifies him to demand primacy, while self-confidence is rooted not in contention but knowledge of your own limits and growth, the balance between weakness and strength, risk and opportunity, and your ability to advance solutions and consensus. The arrogant man demands others do as he wills, the individual offers solutions and options, and is open to alternatives. So with Racism; the racist demands that his race be dominant in any situation, and is opposed to any debate or discussion, while the individualist accepts, even welcomes, alternative perspectives and options. The inevitable result of these paradigms is that Racism stagnates and atrophies any demographic where it is prevalent, while individualism advances community goals and common ideals.

Racists succeed only in isolated situations, and only when they can intimidate individuals into silence and acquiescence. Consequently, racists are likely to choose fascist methods, force and threats as well as suppression of and attacks upon perceived enemies and opponents. Individualists are aware that they cannot achieve their goals through force or intimidation, and so from the start must gain support through consensus-building and alliances on moral strength of their argument. It is a reasonable measure of a person’s character, therefore, to note the method of their presentation and attitude to different and opposing opinions.

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