The Greatest Threat to National Security

Are Two Lies Beloved of the Left

Those lies are:

1. “Enhanced Interrogation” is Torture.

2. “Enhanced Interrogation” does not work.

In reverse order…

Marc Thiessen

I have spoken to the people who — unlike Kirakou — were in the room for the interrogations of Zubaydah, KSM and other terrorists held by the CIA. And in Courting Disaster, I meticulousluy document the evidence for the efficacy of the CIA interrogation program — based not on Kirakou’s claims, but on the testimony of the actual interrogators, interivews with top CIA and other intelligence officials, the evidence presented in the CIA inspector general’s report, and other top-secret documents declassified by the Obama administration. I urge you to read it and judge for yourself. The evidence is overwhelming.

Before these documents were released, there was room for debate on the efficacy of CIA interrogations — because the facts had not been declassified. No longer. Yet the critics will continue to attempt to muddy the waters and use Kirakopu as “proof” of their claim the interrogations did not work. They will do so because if they admit that the interrogations worked, that means that the consequence of their position would have been another 9/11. They have to argue that a) enhanced interrogation is wrong and b) it did not work, because if the latter is not true then the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women, and children would have been the price of their approach.

“Enhanced Interrogation” works, to a large degree, because of the beliefs of those it is employed against. The first terrorist to be subjected to the full range of “Enhanced Interrogation” quickly broke, and remained broken. Abu Zubaydah in his own words:

…brothers who are captured and interrogated are permitted by allah to provide information when they believe they have reached the limit of their ability to withhold it in the face of psychological and physical hardship.

You must do this to all the brothers.

Zubaydah thanked his interrogators for relieving him from the burden of continuing to resist.

And as to the thorny first lie, examine the scars of someone who has been tortured (e.g. John S. McCain), compare those to Zubaydah or Khalid Sheik Mohammed, and get back to me.

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