"Al's hockey schtick is broken"

My cyber-friend Tom Graffagnino has sent the following to me and I thought many of you would enjoy it:

So, Al’s hockey schtick is broken….
Al’s “consensus” has been Gore’d.
Al’s Zamboni’s just a phoney….
And The Skeptics “Shoot and SCORE!”
We must give Al Carbon Credit….
Though his power play was skewed.
Fans of Folly-Poli-Science
Now know Emp’ror Al is nude!
Captain Gore’s support is cooling….
What we see now’s not so nice.
Polar Bare with skates a-spinning
Out on thinning, center ice.
Yes, Al’s hat trick has been countered,
To the boards his facts were checked.
Now once puckish Al is sullen,
Oh my!’ Cap’n’ Trade’s been decked!
Al’s hard evidence is shrinking!
His atmos-fear was CO2’d….
Naked Truth…..
Oh my! It’s shriv’ling!
He’s exposed!
His peer-reviewed!



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