Friday Night Funny

Tonight’s Friday Night Funny (as if there have been any others) comes from The Nose on Your Face:

CAIR Files Copyright Infringement Suit Against Austin Suicide Pilot

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has filed a posthumous lawsuit against Andrew Joseph Stack, the man who flew his plane into an Austin, Texas IRS building on Thursday. The copyright infringement suit maintains that Stack “knowingly utilized a copyright protected technique for his own personal gain.”

“To me this is an open and shut case,” said CAIR attorney Murray Goldstein. “Don’t think so? Let’s try a little free association here. If I were to say, ‘Fly a plane on a suicide mission into a building’, what is the first group that comes to mind? No, it’s not the Shriners. Nope, not the Menonites either. And it’s also not someone named ‘Andrew.’ Case closed.”

Head on over and read the rest for a good chuckle this Friday evening.

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