“Have you guys ever wanted to mess with the Taliban?” (UPDATED)

Via Rusty at MyPetJawa:

A video of two French hostages was posted at the Taliban’s official website a few days ago. The two journalists were captured in December.

Here’s the video. I’m streaming it below directly from the Taliban’s website. Yes, the Taliban have a website and it’s back up and running.

Which means the more people watch it, the more the Taliban will have to spend on bandwidth. So, do us a favor and watch it over and over again.

Do your part to make them spend money.  And for those of you with your own blogs and/or websites, go here and grab the embed code and post it yourselves.  Hell, not doing so would be un-friggin-American.


UPDATE: They may have some issues at their site… heh… some are reporting that the video won’t load and that the link to the embed code is broken… good!

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