The Misadventures Of Sheriff Joe

My colleague Dan made a good point about Vice President Joe Biden last night, But the thing is, one can’t treat that incident with Senator Brown (R-MA) as an oddity. Rather, it perfectly encapsulates the very essence of Joe Biden, the Tao of Joe, that must never be far from mind:

The more confident Joe Biden is when he speaks, the more full of shit he is.

I said this before the election, but it bears not only repeating, but elaborating.

When Biden is challenged, he has three fundamental responses that he ticks off, one after another: first he bullies, then he blusters, then he bullshits. First, he asserts his superiority to his challenger. Then he touts just how he’s superior to his challenger. Then, having established his spurious authority, he just plain makes shit up to reinforce what he says.

The exchange with Senator Brown (R-MA) (I dunno if I’ll ever get tired of writing that) demonstrates this in spades. First up, Biden touts his superior experience in Washington and national affairs. Then he belittles the newcomer to the national stage. Finally, he blithely asserts his learned opinion as fact.

The problem with Biden’s stock answer here is that Senator Brown (R-MA), unlike Vice President Biden or President Obama, Senator Brown (R-MA) had a life before politics, and has a life outside of politics. Senator Brown (R-MA) is, as Dan noted, also Lieutenant Colonel Scott Brown, United States Army National Guard, with a 30-year career in the Army and is currently the highest-ranking military defense attorney in New England. So when Vice President Biden attempts to school Senator Brown (R-MA) on the niceties of military law, Lt. Col. Brown steps up and answers that he’s forgotten far, far more about military law than Biden has ever known or ever will know.

The same pattern holds true with regards to Iraq. Biden has never been anything vaguely resembling consistent on how the US should treat Iraq.

He voted against the 1991 Gulf War.

He spoke out in favor of removing Saddam in 2002.

He voted in favor of the 2003 Iraq invasion.

At one point, he proposed “settling” Iraq by partitioning it into three states — a move that earned him almost universal contempt from Iraqis.

He strongly opposed the “surge” strategy.

He campaigned both for president and vice president declaring that the war was essentially lost.

And now he’s not only recognizing the success, but doing so in a way that is utterly unmistakable — by claiming it for the Obama administration.

There are only two times when Joe Biden should ever be taken seriously. The first is when you remember that this idiot is only one heartbeat away from the presidency.

The other is when you realize that he is there because of Barack “you can trust my judgment” Obama put him there.

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