Because, Obviously, Correlation Always Equals Causation…

There was considerable buzz around the dextro sinister side of the blogosphere when a Boston-area man with serious mental issues was arrested. Among his offenses were stockpiling a large cache of weapons, setting up a firing range in his own home, and being a fan of Sarah Palin. Fortunately, he was turned in to authorities by his wife before anyone was injured.

But while the left is quick to point to the Sarah Palin connection, there’s another element that seems to be a bit more indicative of a largely-undiscussed danger in today’s society.

Gregory Girard was a fan of Sarah Palin (in a way somewhat reminiscent of how John Hinckley was a fan of Jodi Foster), but his dangerousness was first detected by his wife, Dr. Kristine Girard, is a professor of psychiatry at Harvard University.

Harvard… where have I heard of that recently?

Oh, yes. The Alabama college professor who shot and killed three of her colleagues was a Harvard alumna. Dr. Amy Bishop, apparently distraught at being denied tenure, graduated from the prestigious university with a degree in neuroscience. This despite having killed her brother with a shotgun (which, apparently, went off all by itself three times during the entire incident, the fatal blast being either the second or third shot, meaning it also managed to pump itself between shots) and being a suspect in an attempted mail-bombing of a professor who gave her poor ratings.

In the death of her brother, she was fortunate to have a sympathetic DA (now Congressman Bill Delahunt (D-MA)) to brush the whole matter aside. In the mail-bombing case, there was never enough evidence to merit an indictment of anyone, let alone a conviction.

Hmm… Harvard, bombings… why does that ring a bell?

Oh, yes. Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber, is another Harvard alum.

There’s an old joke that you can always tell a Harvard man; you just can’t tell him much. I guess it’s also true that you can’t tell just when he’s about to go psycho.

Obviously, we need to keep a close watch on those associated with Harvard. You never know when they just might up and snap.

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