Fortunate Son

Well, Jay Tea, of course, beat me to the punch regarding Patrick Kennedy’s “retirement.”

It seems almost impossible, but, the reign and perpetual mystic of the Kennedy Klan in American politics is pretty much over.

Good riddance.

However, it got me thinking of a comparison. One born from a dynasty which has hypnotized generations of starry-eyed Americans, and one born of true self-reliance, where there were no corrupt, pickled coat-tails on which to ride.

Sarah Palin has been skewered by the left and the media (I know, same thing) since she heeded the call of service to the national stage as a Vice-Presidential candidate in 2008. She came up the hard way. Starting in PTA meetings, elected to two terms as mayor of Wasilla, appointed to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, eventually working to become Governor of the State of Alaska. All this while raising a family.

Patrick Kennedy ran on his name. By his own admission, he has claimed “I’ve never worked a fucking day in my life.” He did nothing to work for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. He has accomplished nothing of significance. He has carried on the tradition of Kennedy embarrassments throughout the years, with episodes of alcohol and Oxycontin addictions, pushing a female guard at an airport, and being involved in several traffic accidents in which witnesses claimed he was noticeably impaired.

Sarah Palin resigned her position as Governor of Alaska because she felt she could no longer preform her duties to Alaskans in an effective way due to the inordinate amount of distractions from people wanting to interfere in the daily responsibilities as Governor, and felt that relinquishing power to her Lt. Governor for the remainder of her term was the best way for Alaskans to be represented.

Almost to the second of her resignation, she has been defined by the left as a “quitter,” and remains a lightening rod for liberal hatred whenever their need arises.

With her resignation, she decided she would become more involved in national politics, using her influence and popularity to help affect issues to which she and those who have nationally supported her felt needed to be addressed and represented.

Like her or not, she has been true to this goal.

Patrick Kennedy “retired” from Congress this week. He was up for a tough re-election in Rhode Island, though he says that has nothing to do with his “retirement.” One of the reasons he claims not to continue is due to the death of his father: “There’s no doubt that I’m carrying a lot of grief and feelings that I think occupy a lot of my emotional energy…”

Welcome to reality.

One, a driven, self-assured person who rose from the icy depths of Alaskan politics to become one of the most influential national political figures of our time.

The other, a spoiled addict, born with a silver spoon in his ass.

And which one gets vilified?


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