The science is in… there is no science

Not when it comes to Global Warming:

This admission by an IPCC lead author in the UK’s Guardian is simply stunning:

“The Nobel prize was for peace not science … government employees will use it to negotiate changes and a redistribution of resources. It is not a scientific analysis of climate change,” said Anton Imeson, a former IPCC lead author from the Netherlands. “For the media, the IPCC assessments have become an icon for something they are not. To make sure that it does not happen again, the IPCC should change its name and become part of something else. The IPCC should have never allowed itself to be branded as a scientific organisation. It provides a review of published scientific papers but none of this is much controlled by independent scientists.”

Think about this for a moment. Now the IPCC insiders are admitting they cannot ‘settle the science’ because they don’t do science and most of their ‘message’ is crafted by policy makers (with agendas of course). No wonder the latest IPCC report is full of junk science made from political organization press releases. No wonder Mann and Jones were really in the business of creating images of global warming (by hiding tree-ring declines and hiding details in ice cores) instead of doing real science.

Finally the IPCC has come clean  – it doesn’t do science, it does political propaganda.  Someone alert the EPA!

AJ nails it… there’s little  more to add other than the notion that if you continue to believe the hype, you seriously need professional help.


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