Obama Gave the Colts the Kiss of Death: He Predicted They Would Win

So, now Obama is 0-4. First in Virginia, he endorsed and campaigned for Democrat Creigh Deeds for governor, who was destroyed by Republican Bob McDonnell. Next in New Jersey, he endorsed and campaigned for Democrat Jon Corzine for governor and he was defeated by Republican Chris Christie. Then in Massachusetts he endorsed and campaigned for Democrat Martha Coakley who was handily defeated by Republican Scott Brown in a total upset. Last night, he gave the Colts the kiss of death when he predicted they would defeat the Saints in the Super Bowl.

President Barack Obama says the Indianapolis Colts “have to be favored” in the Super Bowl, even though he has a “soft spot” for the New Orleans Saints.

Obama’s Super Bowl prediction was based on his opinion that the Colts have “perhaps the best quarterback in history.”

“Peyton Manning is unbelievable,” the president told CBS’ Katie Couric during a live pre-game interview.
The result?

Peyton Manning essentially collapsed, the Colts’s defense didn’t show up for the second, third, or fourth quarters, and the Saints routed the Colts, 31 – 17.

The Blog Prof quips:

So how nervous is Harry Reid right now that Obama is promised to stump for him in Nevada???

Democrats who are running for office in November should sweat bullets at the prospect of Obama campaigning for them.

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