Justice Delayed, But Not Denied

When Nancy Pelosi first became Speaker of the House after the 2006 elections, she promised us the most honest, most open House in history.

It’s taken her a bit of time, and she had to get some help from the Almighty, but today a great step towards achieving that four-year-old promise was made:

Representative John Murtha won’t be down for breakfast.

Murtha, a former Marine, will be honored in a very rare micturation ceremony performed by a select group of his former brethren.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, Murtha’s family asks for donations. In plain brown bags. In small, unmarked bills.

In related news, former Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II — who declined to run for his uncle Ted’s Senate seat now held by Scott Brown — announced that he is moving to Murtha’s District and will be running for his seat.

In his announcement, Kennedy said “I look forward to serving the great people of Pennsylvania with pride.” Then he was overheard asking an aide “Pennsylvania, that’s in southern Jersey, right? On the shore? About three hours out of New York City?”

John Murtha Dies
Breaking: Democrat Rep. John Murtha Dies