Another Revolutionary Notion From Massachusetts

Well, the learned solons of Massachusetts have discovered a truly novel approach to fighting violent crime. And it’s one that doesn’t involve criminalizing ordinary citizens, depriving all of rights because of the abuses of a few, or offering compassion and understanding and sympathy to the victimizers.

No, it’s far, far more radical than that:

They’re actually enforcing laws that are already on the books.

Way back in 1998, the Massachusetts legislature passed an “armed career criminal” law. This called for big sentences for those who have a lengthy criminal record and are caught in possession of a gun (already illegal, as felons can’t legally possess guns).

And it’s actually WORKING.

Unlike banning everyone from owning guns, or saying people can’t defend themselves, or new rounds of “prison reform,” or a host of other stupid notions designed to “fight” violent crime, finding those who have shown a tendency towards committing violent crimes in illegal posession of weapons and locking them up away from innocent victims seems to do a good job of protecting the general public.

How absolutely remarkable.

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