Planned Parenthood responds to Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad

Planned Parenthood has issued a reaction to the yet-to-be-seen Super Bowl ad Tim Tebow and his mom have made. This a pretty lame response, too. Even though this ad uses well known athletes in an attempt to compete with the image of Tim Tebow, it falls flat because Planned Parenthood does not understand that it isn’t just the messenger that is driving the interest in the ad; it’s the message itself that captures the imagination because it’s about an unwavering commitment to life, love, family, and God in the face of great obstacles. No matter how much Planned Parenthood tries to dress up their messengers, its message, abortion, is still monstrous:

I have to say that my friend Anchoress offered the best and most accurate analysis on the pro-abortion philosophy in an email earlier today:

You don’t understand, she is only “exercising her choice” when she is killing the baby.

If she keeps the baby, that is nothing remarkable or noble. Any savage can do that. Only enlightened monsters like our generation can “choose” whether to let a baby live or not.

It’s the same backward thinking that informs these women’s notions on women and work. If a woman sacrifices everything to have a career, or if she juggles both haphazardly, she is their ideal. If a woman decides, instead, to sacrifice the career and the money in order to raise a child, she’s just doing what “anyone” can do, so it’s not remarkable, not noble. In fact, in both cases -having the baby or choosing to raise the baby- the woman is “subconsciously surrendering to outmoded archetypes which have been ingrained upon her through cultural and societal oppression from the patriarchy.”

Is it bad to say that I’m enjoying watching Planned Parenthood lose its collective mind because a “celebrate life” message is going to be broadcast all over the world on Sunday? I guess the folks over at PP don’t realize that their overblown reactions are actually guaranteeing a larger audience for the ad because now many more people will tune in just out of curiosity.  Tim, his mom, Focus on the Family, and CBS have got to be thrilled.

Update: Bookworm has a great post about Tim Tebow. In it  she writes that she would love it if her daughter dated a man like him someday because of his character and integrity.  Here’s a portion:

Here you have a young man who is handsome, charismatic, and an extraordinary athlete — and he’s also proud about saving himself for marriage.  Despite the manifest temptations that being a star athlete must present, he’s open about his virginity.  The jaded press may giggle in shock and embarrassment but I, as a mom, am deeply impressed…

What’s so important about Tebow is that people cannot claim that he’s a virgin simply because he’s too pathetic to get a girl.  Instead, this moral dynamo is a virgin because he’s taken a principled stand that is inextricably intertwined with respect for himself, for the women he dates (and I assume he does date), and for the woman he will eventually marry.  I can’t think of a better lesson for young people.  And that’s why I want my daughter to date a man like Tebow:  someone who has principles every mother can love, and who, in a culture obsessed with sex, is proud of those principles.

Incidentally, despite the fact that 99% of the families in my ultra liberal community would draw back in revulsion at the thought of their child dating an evangelical Christian, I can guarantee you that 100% of them would be dancing on air if they knew that their daughter’s date, because of a deep commitment to and reverence for women and the sanctity of marriage, wasn’t trying to get his hands in their daughter’s pants.
As an aside, I’m sure ultra liberals would love it if their daughters dated non-Christian men who have values like Tim Tebow’s. But I have to ask, where do they think a guy in the year 2010 would learn the principles and values that would cause him to have  “a deep commitment to and reverence for women and the sanctity of marriage” if not in the evangelical Christian church? Values such as Tim Tebow’s don’t exist in a vacuum.

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