Bullet Time

The next time you hear (or read) someone talking about how we “dodged a bullet” in 2008 by not getting Sarah Palin as our vice president, ask them about John Edwards.

2004 vice presidential nominee John Edwards.

2008 major presidential candidate John Edwards.

Serial philandering John Edwards.

Cheat on his cancer-stricken wife John Edwards. (I think he one-upped Newt Gingrich on that one…)

Deny paternity of his bastard John Edwards.

Pay off his mistress with campaign funds and big supporters’ money John Edwards.

And, now, possibly, wife beater John Edwards.

So many of us knew he was scum for years.

Some of us didn’t quite know what kind of scum he was, in particular, but knew from the outset that he was scum.

A lot of others knew precisely what kind of scum he was, but covered for him.

And a lot of those were the self-appointed Guardians Of Truth, soi-disant Custodians Of History As It Happens, and covered for him because they wanted him to win.

This is the man who the Democrats wanted to place one heartbeat from the presidency in 2004, and a lot of them wanted to put in the Oval Office in 2008.

There’s a move to give the National Enquirer a Pulitzer for their exposing this scum. While I think they certainly did a great service, I don’t think that it was “great journalism.” It didn’t take a lot of investigatory work — any of the mainstream media could have uncovered it. In fact, quite a few of them did know all about it. They just preferred to leave it covered. And “Pulitzer Prize” is closing in on “Nobel Peace Prize” for credibility these days — almost a mark of shame.

If we “dodged a bullet” in 2008, then the only metaphor for what happened in 2004 would be Tsutomu Yamaguchi.

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