Andrew Sullivan: Circus Character

Andrew Sullivan just can’t get Sarah and Trig Palin out of his head. The vagina loathing Sullivan is begging Levi Johnston to write a book that proves up his obsession that Sarah Palin is not Trig’s mother. Along the endless trail of uninformed, ignorant observations about this alleged fraud (which was conceived inside Sullivan’s own skull) of Sarah Palin’s pregnancy, the vagina loathing Sullivan offers up this bit of brilliance:

Palin, in contrast, called her own campaign prop “her retarded baby” in private, according to an eye-witness account from the father of her own grandson who lived in her house for months and knew her intimately. “I was just in shock the first time I heard it,” Levi Johnston told CBS. Unlike Sarah Palin, Johnston has not been caught in multiple indisputable lies. I believe him over her. In fact, in any factual dispute, I believe anyone over her.

Notwithstanding that the vagina loathing Sullivan’s source is a sold out, washed out teenager cashing in on the celebrity of the Palin family, consider the admission by Sullivan that he has agreed to the terms of the cult by admitting that “In fact, in any factual dispute, I believe anyone over her.

After having hit his head on the hard surface of the cult the vagina loathing Sullivan staggers on to this:

While I’m at it, does anyone actually believe that Palin’s name for the child of miraculous provenance was found by her deep knowledge of ancient Norse as she claims in her magical-realism novel, “Going Rogue”? I mean, seriously. She knows about as much ancient Norse as she does English grammar. It’s as credible as the idea that she gave a speech while having contractions, several hours after going into labor, as she claims in her novel. It’s as credible as her amazing journey in labor with a special needs child on a plane where the flight attendants, according to the Anchorage Daily News, did not even notice she was pregnant. It’s as credible as any number of indisputable self-serving, unbalanced lies that she has told in the public record for years.

Note the critical, elitist condescension about English grammar and the knowledge of “ancient Norse”? How does he know this? By this same disregard for facts I’m surprised the vagina loathing Sullivan didn’t attribute the provenance of Bristol Palin’s name to the famous NASCAR race (which is not true). Or did he? In any factual dispute I think I’ll believe anyone over the vagina loathing, pot possessing, ticket fixing, almost illegal alien Sullivan.

But what of the claim that Sarah Palin could not possibly have delivered a speech while experiencing contractions? I’m certain that there are actual mothers that read this blog that may have some comments on that. But from a strictly vicarious viewpoint, as a father, I have seen a mother that has done much more than give a speech and get on a plane while she was having contractions, most notably when the mother’s experience was the fifth or sixth pregnancy as was the case with Sarah Palin. This is where Sullivan ignores the limits of common sense and simply saws off the limb from which he screeches. He knows absolutely nothing of motherhood (or fatherhood) and even less about women, which is why he and Keith Olberman are finding it ever more difficult to find people who will listen to them unless they act like circus clowns.

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