Rip Torn Was So Drunk…

This sounds like a question Gene Rayburn would have asked on The Match Game. Here’s the correct answer: Rip Torn was so drunk that he didn’t know that the bank broke into and fell asleep in was not his home. That is really drunk:

Hard-drinking actor Rip Torn was taken in handcuffs Monday morning to a Connecticut courthouse, where he pleaded not guilty to allegations that he broke into a bank with a loaded revolver while intoxicated.

Torn, looking glum and disheveled, made a brief appearance in the Bantam courtroom after his arrest on gun and burglary charges on Friday night. He walked in with his wrists and ankles shackled to several other prisoners and wearing cowboy boots, dark pants and a Navy blue jacket.

The “Men in Black” actor, who was expected to post $100,000 bail, also agreed to enter an alcohol rehab facility once he is released.

Torn, 78, was armed with a loaded gun when he broke a window and entered the Litchfield Bancorp in Salisbury on Friday, officials said.

The actor was so drunk he had no idea he was in a bank and thought he was dozing in his own home, sources said.

Bank President Mark Macomber told that no one was in the bank during the break-in and that the only damage was the smashed window in the back of the building that Torn apparently thought was his front door.

Torn’s family has staged multiple interventions over the past couple of years with little to show for it but court dates and embarrassing headlines, sources close to the actor said.

According to one source, Torn figured he had made significant progress by cutting back from four pints of alcohol a day to a single pint.

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