James O’Keefe – Master of Disguise

Ben Stein on James O’Keefe:

In case you wonder what the future is for justice and law enforcement and media control in this country, take a look at two cases.
During the last Presidential election, a gang of men calling themselves Black Panthers showed up at a polling place in Michigan. They threatened any voter who did not vote for Barack Obama. This was witnessed and documented. (I am suspicious of their involvement with the real Black Panthers, whom I knew well in New Haven, who had a little more finesse along with many, many faults.)

Empahsis mine. Mr. Stein comes close here. He recognized something is not quite right with the Black Panthers here, but can’t quite connect the dots. He continues:

A few days ago, four young conservatives posed as telephone repairmen and entered the branch office of Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana in New Orleans. Their goal was to check to see if the phone system in the office was working. The men, under the leadership of a young media impresario named James O’Keefe, were querying why constituents of Sen. Landrieu had been unable to register negative feelings about Obamacare on the Senator’s phone line. They had been told that perhaps the phones were out of order.
O’Keefe is the fellow who recorded workers at liberal advocacy group ACORN telling a young woman how to set up a brothel for 14-year-old illegal immigrant girls from Central America. This had caused considerable anger towards ACORN, one of Obama’s most stalwart supporting groups.

Ah Ben. You forgot about the costumes. Remember the costumes? O’Keefe was decked out as a pimp and his accomplice Hanna Giles as the Ho. How could you forget? Let’s see if he catches on:

Back at Sen. Landrieu’s office, someone was suspicious of the O’Keefe group and called police. The men were arrested and are now charged with a federal felony of something called tampering with a federal phone line
Meanwhile, no charges against those thugs with the clubs at the polling place.

Alright, it looks like I’m going to have to do the heavy lifting here.
Let me make it as simple as possible so everyone gets it:

O’Keefe and his crew are masters of disguise. Sure they had this one case where their telephone repairmen outfits raised some suspicion. But this was on purpose…stay with me.

Until now, nobody (except me) had noticed that O’Keefe and Giles disguised themselves as Black Panthers with nightsticks.

Take a look at the outfits. Over the top just like the Acorn Pimp and Ho, right? Right.
Doubtful still? Look at the pictures side by side:

compare 2.PNG

Now you see it, right?

This is simply brilliant. O’Keefe engineered both incidents to show how he is:

a. Charged with a crime as a conservative activist
b. Free as a bird with charges dismissed as a liberal thug

Great work O’Keefe.

Ben Stein, you’re slipping buddy!

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