The Floor Is Yours, Steve

Wizbang has been a part of my daily routine for years, way before I became a contributing author. The readership consists of many smart, articulate participants, hailing from liberal, independent, and conservative spectra, who lend their voices to the running commentary. It is what I have come to appreciate about this place, and I admire it more and more as time passes.

When I post an article to Wizbang, I usually just throw it out there, and let whatever contributions made by the readership carry the debate. Many times those who disagree do so with civility, but many times they do it with unmistakable disdain. Whatever happens, happens. You agree with me, God love ya! You disagree, God love ya! It is something fully expected, something which is really unavoidable, and an aspect of blogging which I wouldn’t have any other way.

Though most times I don’t interject myself into the comments section of the pieces I write, depending on my mood, sometimes I do.

I don’t remember ever writing a piece spotlighting any single commenter. Even the most partisan, foulest of liberal trolls usually offer up their thoughts on a subject with a respectable amount of intelligence and insight, no matter how loony they may be, and they help to facilitate the back-and-forth nature of discussion. It’s sort of a necessity, and it’s fun.

All that said, sometimes, someone just begs to be called out. Not due to any philosophical, idealogical, or political disagreements. Not even because of their style of debate. But, sometimes, they just belch out something for reasons so inexplicable, you just feel like asking “Why?“.

This is one of those times.

Many of you here will recognize the name Steve Green.

I noticed him a few months ago, always eager to bash me for something I’ve written (Which is fine, expected, and fun!). Other commenters have locked horns with him on several occasions. He’s a rabid lib, most always saying something consisting of nothing.

For a while, especially over the past few months, he was a reliable fixture in the comments section of my articles. Always opposed to my take on the subject at hand, either attempting to abrasively disagree with me or fellow commenters, or just resorting to personal attacks because, well, he can, his involvement in the comments section became a welcome occurence.

Though there is a litany of posts which he has written concerning many of my articles, I found his final posts in response to one of my pieces to be such exceptional examples of liberal bewilderment, that any credibility of conviction I thought he may have possessed has vanished.

In a piece I wrote regarding rising gas prices, and the silence of the media toward Obama compared to the thrashing which they inflicted upon George Bush, here is part of Steve Green’s second to last post:

You conspiracy-theory loonies are getting wackier an (sic) wackier.

Gasoline prices are rising slowly rather than jumping quickly as they did several years ago.
That, plus the obvious, glaring fact that gasoline is still cheaper than it was back in the $4 days — and the obvious, glaring fact that we’ve had gasoline at these prices before so it’s nothing new – all adds to consumer complacency.

Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol…

I’ll wait for Sarah Palin’s Fox News report to find out just how much voodoo is at work here.
Meanwhile get a new tin-foil hat. The one you’re wearing is a little cock-eyed.

Now, the key line, and most irrelevant to the issue was, obviously:

“Either that or that black man in the White House is doing voodoo on you. BOO! lol…”

Black man? VOODOO?

Why would Steve purposefully interject race into this? It was not germane to anything written, nor was it in response to anything included in the comments section by anyone who engaged in the discussion.

I asked him numerous times to explain why he felt the need to make race an aspect of his “position” on the issue being discussed, and why he felt the need to link race to me as a reason for my writing that article.

He gave no response.

Since that article, I have written about 13 other pieces. Not once has he commented on any of them.

After his history of faithfully commenting on most any piece I have written (at least from my memory), I figured that he just got tired of me.

But, I’ve just recently noticed he has been regularly commenting on pieces written by other Wizbang authors since his above contribution.

Understandably, I’m crushed.

However, since, at the time, I was baffled by exactly why he purposefully, and without encouragement, forced race to be an issue in a discussion about gas prices, I feel obliged to give him a chance, for all to witness, to explain what his motives were. ‘Cause, frankly, I miss him!

I mean, liberals don’t just view issues through the prism of race.

Do they, Steve?


Here is Steve Green’s first response:

“Glanced at the post – it appears to be the usual waste of time – Shallow Mallow strikes again.”

Sure, Steve. An entire post about you, and this one you only “glanced” at it.

Nice try.

Now, explain why you did this.


Steve Green’s second response:

“lol at 15. Good luck in your new career as a stalker.

I’ll be happy to challenge you in future comment threads if you’d just write something interesting.

Now get to work on it. I’ll let you know when you write something worthwhile.”


This is still not an explaination. ANSWER FOR WHAT YOU WROTE.


Though Steve Green has written a few more posts (and Bruce Henry has decided to offer his hand to Steve in liberal kinship), Steve has refused to acknowledge his inexplicable purpose for the use of race in his aforementioned post.

Whether out of plain refusal, denial, or lack of a valid reasonable explanation, he just does not want to say why he made the conscious choice to interject the issue of race into a conversation where it was not merited.

By displaying this unwillingness to simply justify his use of Barack Obama’s race in his post, he has revealed what is most likely just the tip of a bizarre iceberg.

From this point on, whatever he writes here, whether it contains valid substance or not, will be doubted not only for its honesty and motives, but its sincerity, as well.

And all he had to do was tell us why.

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