State Of The Union: The Drinking Game!

Tonight, President Obama gives his first State Of The Union address. And while I’m a non-drinker (medical reasons, coupled with an extensive family history of alcoholism), I “feel the pain” of others who will have to sit through the speech.

So, to lighten that burden, I’m proposing a SOTU Drinking Game.

First up, a tribute to TOTUS. Two drinks, one for each of the TelePrompter’s screens.

Then, once Obama starts speaking, here are the rules:

Tiny sip: Every time Obama refers to himself (let’s not get hurt here, folks)

One Drink:


“I will not sleep”

“Let me make this clear”

“I will fight for you”

Two drinks:

Indirectly blames Bush for his problems

Blames “Wall Street” for problems


Claims Scott Brown’s victory as an endorsement of himself, and not a repudiation

Talks about cracking down on tax cheats, and camera goes to Timothy Geithner

Specifies who he’s going to fight against when he’s “fighting for us.”

Anyone else got any suggestions? Or wanna make predictions on their blood alcohol content by the end of the speech?

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